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Stentorian's Biography

Dhaka January 7 2001… Stentorian forms; just the name implies the image of performing loud music on and off stage. The perfect group for heavy metal--the next phase of heavy rock music. Critics and fans alike have tried to classify this 6-piece group from the pounding music industry of Dhaka, with terms like "pure metal", "classic thrash metal for the new age" or "modern day power metal". Whatever anybody wants to call them, they must add catchy and energetic, as they inspire people to continue to press replay when the mixed CD containing the band's song is in their stereo and let's-go-see-them-again, when they play live.


Formed by bassist and vocalist Shams and Torsha along with guitarist Golam, Stentorian rose from the ashes of another band called Necromancy. "We started jamming together and then discovered the necessity for another guitarist and that's when I called my childhood friend James for rhythm backupawaiting to show his potential and finally Bobby came along to be the drummer", says Shams. "A very interesting mix of musicians that surely meshed into producing a distinctive sound for the band. We then started hardcore practise and after 8 months of routine sessions, we got our 1st gig. It was on 27th October in the Indian High Commission Auditorium. From the very fist show, we had a kick start--as the hall room became darker with fancy lighting, the first guitar strum with heavy distortions and that screaming voice of Torsha with his hand gestures and the huge applaud from the crowd, it was unbelievable and magical! We knew it was all set to roll", says a smiling James. Till date, the band performs with high-end energy and tremendous songs of thrilling appreciation.

Present Line-up
The members of Stentorian include: Both Torsha and Tanvir on vocals--Torsha is the perfect singer for this type of band as his vocal style is very thrashy and has some of the death metal sounds found in bands like Cradle of Filth. On drums is Rafiul who is a powerhouse behind the kit. The backbone of bass over which Shams and James plus Tutul lay down some very fine leads and brutal riffs that are played with as much skill and conviction as any of their peers. Although Torsha left for abroad to commence higher studies, Tanvir is not a replacement; he will be the band's 2nd vocalist and cater a totally different set of fans

Stentorian's influences are varied. It's clear that the band has taken note of many different bands. The range of favoured groups goes from Dio, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Rush, Iron Maiden to extreme Death / Black Metal-Acts like Cradle of Filth. Some of the guys also listen old-skool metal of Metallica and Megadeth. Bands like Mudwayne also get into their list.

The Future
Of course, no one can foresee the future but with good fortune and the right people listening to this band, it's not hard to predict that they could be one of the major contestant in the metal arena. "We are looking at another mixed album of Duray bhai called Lokayot and then of course our solo compilation", stated the band. "Basically we all want to make a great impact on the crowd from the very first album, and working towards that goal would be our primary objective", says a smiling Shams.

The Album
"As our genre ranges from hard rock to heavy metal, our album would be compiled of the usual heavy stuffs with two experimental tracks, a few ballads, few fusion style vibes in couple of the songs and of course one instrumental composition", the band said.--Right here RS as well thought of a great promise as the jammed new track Proti Muhurte was almost getting into the interviewers veins.

On stage
The powerhouse of heavy rock says it was from the very first gig Torsha would practice his slashing arm movements across his body and the acrobatic twists articulating to produce energy and the essence of heavy metal madness. The excitement was immense; our move towards music is very different which makes our whole approach diverse from other groups and most importantly, the crowd loves it.

"We once had a performance with the big name Aurthohin in 2002 at the Russian Cultural Centre and Sumon bhai saw us. It was quite an entertaining performance for him as the flabbergasted icon later called us to get introduced with us. We then met him at frequent gigs and later around 2003 he left us awe-inspired as we were asked by the big man to compose a song for his Agontuk episode 2. A big break for us but certainly not the best.-- In another incident this year, he came out of the hall after one of our performance and gave a breaking news!

we were chosen as another band to sign a contract with record label G-series... yes it was a record deal. My smile almost stretched up to the ears in happiness when I realised people from every where looking at us with great bewilderment as Shams was jumping and hopping and what notwe actually lost words to express our emotions", says the nostalgic James. After our song was released in both the mixed albums, during the gigs, it's the audience we hear cheering aloud the chorus and verses and that is one great achievement, the band added.

Contemporaries and thanks
A lot of promising bands are coming to harvest a word called music with us, we respect themArbovirus, Ajob, Ashor Breach, dNA, Firebrand, Kral, Kronic, Nemesis, Prachir, Reborn, 666 and Void.

We would like to thank Sumon Bhai+Aurthohin, Jewel, Duray, Ponir and Khaled Bhais'. Zubair Hossain Imon, All the bands who helped us, especially Artcell and Black, our FANS, well-wishers. Finally thanks to our families.

Edited by Nahidul Haq
Curtesy: Faizul Tanim
& The Daily Star

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