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Seasoned singer Shakila Zafar is guest on Rtv’s live musical late night show “Bashudha Tomar Jonyo Amar-ei Gaan” tonight. The programme will be aired at 11:30 pm.

The attractive and vivacious Shakila Zafar has been entertaining the Bangladeshi audience with her melodious voice for the last 30 years. In 1979, after winning a classical music competition on Bangladesh Betar, she embarked on her musical voyage, and since then there has been no turning back. In tonight’s programme Shakila will share the story of her journey in the musical arena with viewers. She will also perform some of her hit tracks and take requests from the audience.

“Bashudha Tomar Jonyo Amar” is hosted by Sayem. The programme is aired on Thursdays at 11: 30 pm.

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  1. hi again,

    sorry for the Delay.
    i just lost the previous conversion or it might deleted.
    However, I was talking about the “bashudha Tomar jonno gan” of 18-02-2010.

    No dear, I cant the remember the name of the artist as there were three folk artist invited on the same program. The song I am looking for is stiring like “khomo khomo” (ক্ষম ক্ষম) of Lalon shai. It was sung in a illusionary way on that program.
    It Will be a great hounor if you find/manage that Vidio of the same program and inform me.

    Thanks againg

    Shakil saroer


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