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Fuad began his career as a musician back in 2003 and is known for his singles “Amar Shathey Chol¯, “Bujhina Bujhina Ami¯ and others. The recent hit Shireen album “Matwali¯ features music by Fuad. Other than that he has had several hits with Mila, Sumon and Anila, et al.

Pop, hip-hop, funky, electro – he keeps people guessing about the genre of his music.

“I don’t want to be restrained by the boundaries of genre,” says Fuad, one of the most sought after Bangladeshi musicians at present. He asks people not to focus on boundaries or put labels unnecessarily.

According to Fuad, genre doesn’t define him; he defies all genre and fuses into the ultimate reality of music.

“2009 went really fast. It started off well; on the whole it was a good year,” Fuad says.

Favourite person:
“My mom.”

Favourite pastime:
“When I do get time, I like to involve myself in interior decoration as I feel I’m pretty good at it,” he says with a broad smile.

Favourite food:
“Jhal shutkir bhorta.”

Personality type:
“People call me shy. Well I guess I am!”

Things that irritate him:
“I am a non-violent musician. Basically nothing really angers me. But yeah, when I do get angry, I do come across as intimidating. Inside it’s really nothing.”

Favourite quote:
“Accept that someday you’re the statue and someday you’re the pigeon.¯

The music director-producer is both optimistic and pessimistic about 2010. “It’s a big deal for me as this year I turn 30 and I still can’t digest that fact!”

What about music? “Music is going to be awesome. Groundwork is underway for some mixed albums. Featured artistes are Anila, Sumi, Sumon, and several others.”

Does Fuad have any New Year resolution? “Well, I have one every year and I break one every year. Isn’t it the same for all?” — Fuad wonders. This year Fuad wants to be more organised. “Resolutions are just a cultural thing. In my opinion, they are not meant to last,” he says.

Fuad also shared his plan for a sabbatical.

“I feel that I need to take some time out of the music industry to focus on music. Just relax and get inspired.” So what is it that inspires him? “Lots of things and people inspire me in various ways. Challenging situations also bring the verve and put me in motion.

Nusrat Jahan Pritom

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  1. fude is a nice boy.i like him very much.he is a smart boy.what her next album?

  2. fuad , i like him and love his music verymuch and wish life well of music.
    razzak dada kuwait.

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