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No music is complete without the rhythmic tone of Samir’s flute at Khulna radio station. He profusely renders his tune of flute in music and songs from the core of his heart.The musician is quite popular in Jhenidah. His melodious notes win the hearts of all.

Samir, 76, son of late Monir Uddin, was born in Nrishinghapur village on January 1, 1933. He completed his primary education from Kharikhali Government Primary School. One day he went to a horse race at Gorela village and there he came across a man named Hazari Biswas playing on a flute. Samir was moved by the music. After some days he went to Hazari’s house and became his disciple.

Samir trained under Hazari for a year. Later he took up a job at the age of 12 at Jessore Orientation Company. After a few years he joined Khulna Rashid Brothers Jute Company as a driver. Here he got the chance of coming in contact with a renowned flutist of Khulna Betar (radio) Ali Ahmad. Samir expressed his desire to learn flute playing from Ahmad. After two years of training, Samir faced an audition at Khulna Betar and was selected as a regular flutist in 1973.

Samir trained hundreds of students. He has three sons and daughters. His second son Shahin is a Nazrul Sangeet artiste at Dhaka Betar and Bangladesh TV and his daughter Runa is a singer of ‘adhunik’ songs at Khulna Betar. Samir added that he wants to spend his remaining life immersed in music.

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